I was working around the street when I met a woman who was learning down to the road screaming the I just ask my friend what was going on then she tells me that the who man was rape by some of people

I was shot when I so the blood all over to his body at shot time the police come and take him to the hospital but she did not successes she died immediately his kids was so sand when they liar’s that their were left

So we are asking for the Good Samaritan who will be touch to come up for help so that the kids can go on with their life.The government and other NGOs working with children should come up and assist this family so that the rapist can be punished and law should be followed  abundantly.




In our village kangemi, Kibagare slum on February 20that least two people were burnt to death 2,000 families remain homeless after a massive fire broke out. There has been more accident of fire within kibagare in two month ago.

More than forty other people suffered burn injuries they fled from the fire that spread fast through the slum police and the fire fighters would not be able to get there because the houses were so squeezed that there was no space for the car to get in there.

The fire started at Mutharo and quickly spread through to a village bordering known as ghetto that borders kaptagat road before it extended to kiroiro.

If I say is that the government should start up slum upgrading in which this will reduce incidents of fire in slums. Also the government should set up fire fighting equipments in slum areas so that when fire broke out we can be able to put it off as quickly as possible.




In our communities there are so many people who are affected by HIV/AIDS most of them are mothers who are married and their children we have lost so many of them.

I have a neighbor who is affected by HIV because she does not want to take ARV medicine because there is no counseling so we need counseling in our community .HIV/AIDS is disease that kills.

In our community we have so many people whom their can not get job e.g. if u go to some of company the their test  you their see you are already with HIV then their told u that there is no vacancy so this is the disease that bring poverty in our community

As we talk about hiv in our community we have so many children which are orfhan because their parent are dead for hiv and aid so aid is the disease that bring people in so many problems  it is the most highest problem in our community

We need so many free VCT and counseling offices and fee ARVs so that people can stop dying of HIV and we also need condoms’ for both men and women so that we can stop spreading the disease.


As u can see there are so many crimes in our community which are done by the youth because of lack of jobs and guiding counseling. Most of this crime is brought by parent

E G  may be the child has came with something which does not belong to u  you and u did not ask him or her where did he got it so as we talk about crime  there is so many this that happen in our community

The other cause of crime is lack of education because since they don’t go to school they don’t have the knowledge to know what is bad and what is right so their just do crime in older to get money

The other cause of crime is lack of  job so many people does not have job that why their do so many crime because if their go to search for a job there can get any vacancy because have not go to school.

Increase in School Dropout in My Community

In the community I come from, many girls are dropping out of school as a result of either lack of school fees or losing both parents.

Just next to my door step, there is a young girl whom we were schooling with in the same school, so sad, her education stopped in class 6 after losing both parents. She had no one to pay for her school fees or even provide for her basic needs; hence she resorted to look for a way of survival, not putting into consideration the troubles she was putting herself into.

She had no one to advice her or even counsel. Immediately, she joined the world of prostitution, where she would go to the streets of Nairobi, have sex with both the young and old in return for money. She did this business for a while, so unfortunate; she ended up conceiving 2 children in that risky business. Since she never knew the parents of both the children, she had to bear the burden of raising them all alone.

At the moment, she is jobless; she has to provide for the children, she is unable to take them to school since she cannot afford to do all this. A cruel life indeed!

If she could only get a Samaritan out there to assist her, she will be able to stop prostitution and lead a meaningful life and offer her children a better upbringing.


My name is Rosemary Wangari, a 26 year old who hails from kabagare village in Kangemi. I was raised up in a family of six.

Like any other person whose got interest, I got a passion for cooking, singing and let my voice louder in the praise of God. I admire the very people who make me who I am, standing out in what I believe I can do and what the street life has inspired me to do is what motivates me. I understand life can be very challenging but with hard work and determination everything is possible.
Currently am studying digital advocacy skill under the digital storytelling a project run by the Undugu Society of Kenya. This has helped me highlight my fears and am no longer voiceless as I used to be. This project motivates me a lot to get away from the streets, it’s a whole new beginning for me and I give thanks to Undugu Society of Kenya for such a noble idea.

When I look at my village in Kangemi I see the gaps and issues that I would love to address. I always believe that change is unstoppable and once it is up to its task everyone conform to it. It’s not just like any other change but a positive change that would let the alcoholics be sober again, the change that would give a street child like I a shelter and the rights that a child is entitled to. I would love to see an educated society where equality takes the order of the day.
Life has not been so good to me. I hail from a big family and sometimes we would go without meals. Things become even worse because I do not have a job and no one in my family works and therefore most of the times we lack the crucial basic needs let alone having a three square meal. All in all God is my strength and I thank him because am still alive to tell my story.

Mothers are inspiration to all of us, they make us who we are even though they have no material luxury to spoil us they work hard to put food on our tables. That why am proud of my mom and I wan pay a special tribute to her. She is my strength, my inspiration and everything.